Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Okay, that drink is for me. I came downstairs this morning to this email from my publisher:

Hello authors,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Three Days in New York City has just reached the print benchmark!

I'm working on getting it ready to go to the printer as soon as Dan (Dan Reitz, publisher of Mundania Press, LLC) gets back from Long Beach!

Congratulations, and have a wonderful day, authors!

(Stacey is also publisher and editor in chief of Mundania Press imprint Phaze, who were kind enough to publish Three Days in New York City in January of this year)

So if anyone is in the St. Louis area from April 27-May 1, I will be at the RT Convention autographing copies of my real live paperback book for one and all!

In other news...

Eric returned from Las Vegas really late last night -- too late to give me the goods but of course I'll be reporting on that later as well as posting some incredible photographs sent to me by Rock School great Madison Flego taken at the last BB King show. I asked Eric if he would allow me to name some names here of any stars with whom he rubbed elbows at ShoWest in Vegas and he told me he had dinner...and was seated next to..."Bob", President of Newmarket Films.

I said: "Eric, so then I can at least say you had dinner with the President of Newmarket Films?"

He replied: "Dinner at THE PALM, Mom."

Heh. Excuse me.

More from and about Eric to follow.