Monday, March 14, 2005

Living vicariously again...

So the photograph above is the Paris, Las Vegas, where my son will be staying tonight - he hops a plane at 1:00 p.m. today - because he has a gig there tomorrow for this little get-together.

Here's just a partial list of the stars for whom he'll be performing:

2005 ShoWest Award Ceremony Honorees

ShoWest Galactic Achievement Award - George Lucas
Distinguished Decade of Achievement In Film - Drew Barrymore
Supporting Actress of the Year - Rachel McAdams
Male Star of Tomorrow - Hayden Christensen
Animation Director of the Year - Brad Bird
Female Star of Tomorrow - Jessica Biel
Comedy Star of the Year - Bernie Mac
Director of the Year - Rob Cohen
Male Star of the Year - Matt Damon
Female Star of the Year - Jennifer Aniston


Then of course this Saturday night, he has his first gig with his own band, Flamingo, at The Fire in Philadelphia, and naturally I'll be broadcasting more news about that as well as ticket information throughout the week.

And what is daughter Julie up to? Oh well, this week she has finals, next week she takes off for seven days in Costa Rica with her boyfriend.

As for me, I continue to talk with agents about my memoir, The Tour; I've been writing my ass off - both the sequel to Three Days in New York City and a short story about baseball and my mother which I've been dying to write for years and finally got around to doing this weekend, and much to my happy surprise, I'm still number #1 rated in erotica at Fictionwise where I'm also #6 in sales at the moment so I expect Three Days in New York City to be at a bookstore near you sooner rather than later.

I'm still on a high from Rock School's astonishing production of Jesus Christ Superstar Saturday night and as always, I am the first to admit when I'm wrong because I was really dreading going and I was against it from day one. First of all, I thought it was totally improper for a School of Rock performance - to me doing Jesus Christ Superstar was more on the order of a cheesy suburban high school production like CATS (oh god, I don't know that there was a worse evening in my life, when I had to see CATS on a class trip with the kids...maybe followed only by the night I had to see Grease on a double date); I'm used to brilliant classic rock and roll performances from these kids; secondly, I always hated that show...when it first came out I was a die hard hippie who only loved Brit rock and Jesus Christ Superstar was, well, fucking Broadway and as stated above, we all know how I feel about that...Broadway show tunes and country western music will be the soundtrack in hell when I die (if I believed in hell, that is). It's a good thing I don't because it's surely where I'd end up.

If I'm not there already...

Plus there was that whole Jesus factor, which, even as a lazy agnostic, still turned me off because, well, I'm Jewish by birth and I remember back when it first came out, Jesus Christ Superstar for some reason brought out all the Jesus freaks and there was this whole new weird movement of former stoners who suddenly walked around with bibles and would come up to me with glazed over eyes and ask "Have you found HIM?"

And of course I'd be like "Who the fuck do you mean?" even though I knew exactly what they meant but then I'd run away before they could say another word.

So anyway, that's the news for now. I wanted to elaborate further on the show Saturday night because it was really, really fantastic but neither Julie or Eric were around yesterday to give me names of kids I didn't know and titles of songs, etc. but in any event, the Philadelphia Daily News was there and they are doing a big spread this week and there will be a future broadcast on WXPN so I'll provide links as soon as I find them.

Happy Monday.(Yeah, yeah, an oxymoron for sure)

BREAKING NEWS: BIG PHOTO SPREAD IN TODAY'S DAILY NEWS OF THE KIDS' PERFORMANCE OF JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR AT THE THEATER OF LIVING ARTS SATURDAY NIGHT (It's not on line yet but as soon as it is, I will post it here. I just picked up 87 copies - it's fantastic and for once I can clearly see my drummer son!)