Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Some stuff...

That's Don Argott, director of Rock School, filming Julie for a scene in the movie.

So the film premiers exactly two months from today. Am I excited? Uh...a little.

Julie and Eric are both at Studio 4 right now as we speak, recording Zappa's Inca Roads for the soundtrack. How cool is that.

Meanwhile, Eric has a tough life. While the rest of us spend depressing February in cold, gray Philadelphia, here's how he's spending this weekend: 11:45 Spirit Airlines flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He's staying at the Marriot Marina Hotel
and then playing a set at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts .
He's doing an awesome classic rock set and it starts at 7:30 so if you're in the Fort Lauderdale area, he's worth checking out.

Eric may have some other exciting, interesting, even shocking news soon but I'm not saying a word until it's confirmed. But one thing for sure - he's interviewed in the Long Island, New York Press and it will be on line and in print this Thursday so you know I'll be posting a link for that when it's published. The interview is in conjunction with the grand opening of the NYC Rock School and Eric got the honors because he's now the student in attendance the longest out of like hundreds...he was one of the original fourteen and all of the rest of those kids are all in college now though a few left before "graduation". Funny, I didn't realize that he was the elder statesman but of course got immediately nostalgic again for the good old days at pre-corporate Rock School when we were like one big rag tag family who had barbecues and played baseball together, etc.

That's the hardest thing about being an adult. You realize things change and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it. Worse, you've got to accept it.

Oh what the hell. I still have a good time.