Thursday, November 18, 2004


Yeah, so this morning was a total waste writing wise because I got sucked into blog reading again (damn you, you interesting strangers) and I am now about 10,000 words behind on my NaNo schedule...meaning, I should be at the very least at 30,000 words into my novel and I'm at around 19,000. So I've really got to do the marathon thing over the next couple of days because I'm a fierce competitor and after just reading that others have already hit 50,000, I feel like killing them all, those gloating little bastards.

Meanwhile, I can't even handle the premise that it's Thanksgiving next week and stores are all decorated for Christmas. All my brain can digest is Oh hell, this is the last weekend I can shop for anything without having to stand in a fucking line. Like shopping itself isn't bad enough.

It took me an hour to get dressed the other morning because I couldn't find two socks that matched. So I finally out of desperation go to the Gap, a store I personally despise, but it's two doors down from my office and they have the socks I like - 3 pair for $9.00. Cool, huh?

"Where's the socks?" I ask the clerk, after running around that stupid store for 15 minutes. I mean, they've been in the same spot since it opened.

"Oh, they're right in front. Can I assist you in your selection?" said the 16 year old sassy clerk with the shiny pink lip gloss.

Yeah, I need sock assistance.

"No thanks."

But she follows me anyway.

Wait. What's this? My socks are now 3 pair for $24.00? What the fuck?

"Um..maybe you can help me? These socks are $24.00?"

"Those are our special holiday socks," she beams at me.

"They look just like the ones I always buy for $9.00." I'm honestly perplexed. And pissed. I'm not cheap, but $24.00 for socks?

"No, no, look - these have a little decoration on the side."

Jesus fucking Christ.

So this is what I have to endure until December 26.

Anyway, regarding Thanksgiving, the good news is, we're just doing an intimate, immediate family dinner. Yes! I can cook my little heart out but don't have to clean the house to impress visitors. I can totally trash my kitchen and not care, which means I can bake bread, make 87 pies, pile the dirty pots and pans everywhere and then make everyone eat on paper plates.

Nah, just kidding.